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Welcome to my Wiki! I'm Liz and this is a portfolio, started in October 2009 exampling my learning, and understanding on ICT within education of primary school age children.
Having not touched the site for approx a year, I have decided to continue to compile this wiki, adding general learning and evidenced work as a portfolio resource for my PGCE :) .

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So what is a Wiki?
Bennett, Hamill and Pickford (2007) state 'WIKI refers to web pages that can be edited so that knowledge can be added' believing it has 'huge potential for education using the internet' (p.104). A website that explains in more detail is and contains a video 'WIKIs in plain English'
Additionally take a look at the Wiki Page

Although I can appreciate the use of Wiki sites within education, as a means to sharing information with only those requested, I personally have found using Wiki's extremely difficult, losing work both in tutorials and at home crashing systems and often spending hours on work, only to lose it all over again. In addition varying movie Maker projects, I wished to share - but not publically. Proved to be beyond my understanding and comprehension to download, with the only viable option to make them public on a video site, often with education style resources this is not feasable.