What is Museum Box?

Museum Box enables you to create a vitual box, enabling children to create boxes that are representative of a historical event, place or famous person. It provides the tools to put together a box of evidence to build up an argument or a description of an event etc. You can input text, pictures, video and even sounds. You can addituionally view boxes created by others. Museum Box

Museum is probably more suitable for Key Stage 2, due to the inticicies of the programme. It is definatly one you need to play around with, as it can be difficult to navigate. Children ideally need to have reseached the subject, prior to creating the museum box, in order to take full advantage of the programme. It can be a useful resourse for children to display the research/work at the end of a topic and possibly be used a clear tool to assist assessment.

Taking a perusal of additional boxes on the site, appears to verify the difficulties experienced by myself with this site, as there are only a few museum boxes of any quality.

I learn explains in additional detail I learn site