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A slightly more detailed, and definatley more jargon based glossary Computer Terminology Glossary

A Glossary of Terms relating to Internet Safety:

Acceptable use policy (AUP)
A policy that a user must agree to abide by in order to gain access to a network or the internet. In the schools context, it may also cover how other communications devices, such as mobile phones and camera phones, can be used on the school premises.

Some users with Bluetooth-enabled mobiles use this technology to send anonymous text messages to strangers. This has been nickname d ‘bluejacking’

An area on the internet or other computer network where users can communicate in real time, often about a specific topic.

Family agreement
An agreement on how home computers and internet access will be used, drawn up after discussion between family members and usually posted up next to the family computer

Originally thought of as a computer enthusiast, but now a hacker is normally used to refer to computer criminals, especially those who break into other people’s computer
networks. Keyword(s): UnauthorisedHackerHackingCriminalMalicious
ModerationSupervising what goes on in a chatroom, newsgroup or other online serviceKeyword(s): ModerateCheckModerator
Online grooming
Online grooming is defined by the UK Home Office as: “A course of conduct enacted by a suspected paedophile, which would give a reasonable person cause for concern that any meeting with a child arising from the conduct would be for unlawful purposes.”Keyword(s): OnlineGroomGroomingPaedophileIlllegalUnlawful


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