Interactive whiteboards (IW):
Are only as good as the teacher who uses it.

Promethian and Smart boiards are the two most commonly used within schools.
A data projecter is required , can cause headaches if you stand in front of them.
Can be difficuklt to see, particularly in the summer months; often used as a display, rather than an interactive board.
Problems can occur if you are using old or overloaded PC's.

The software is the key to IW,
ActivePrimary -

New to come ActivInspire: More child friendly graphics

Teacher should always model good practice, writing consitent with handwriting policy.

Below is a Top Tips Video from Teachers TV, although created in 2005, with an agenda of introducing teachers to interactive whiteboards. On initial viewing it may appear that it could be obsolete, as IWB are a standard resource in most Primary Classrooms. However, the video address issues for new users with some valid tips on what to do when it all goes wrong and using it as an interactive board not a flip chart.

More IWB videos to explore and a site to download some resources