Russell (2004) claims ICT is fundamental to geographical skills, the evidence is easily observed within the geography curriculum, with photographs, google earth all being experienced by children throughout their primary years.
There is is growth of teachers adept in using ICT and encouraging children's line of geographical enquires through using ICT as a valuable resource.

A particular favourite of mine is using the wonderful mapping resources, exampled below. (my house always has the kettle on)

Direction to Liz's

This quikmaps site entices the children to use and is very child friendly, allowing you to place extra marks on the map too. An geography used is the compass game
mapping again a really useful resource.

Within geography ICT can stimulate debate through interschool relationships that are becoming more established throughout the country, with the far less of the pen pal options from my generation. These experinces allow children to converse through email and possibly webcab across the world. These all develop a child sense of attchment and understanding of the world today, giving the opportunities for children not to be in the unfortunate place of being taught with resources that are years old and out of date. Allowing real expereinces in real time.